Dewa Ruci Statue

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Dewa Ruci Statue

Dewa Ruci Statue, is one of the most famous Balinese statue that Balinese and foreign tourists alike see every day if they are going in/out of Kuta. The statue graces the Jl By Pass Ngurah Rai and the popular shopping destination of Mall Bali Galeria. The area is widely known to the Balinese people as Simpang Siur. It is an intersection between Denpasar, Kuta and the famous Sunset Road.

Dewa Ruci statue consists of four major figures in the structure according to socio-cosmic ethics that apply are: the top placed figure Dewa Ruci / Nawa Ruci Acintya is identified with the position of watched Bhima fighting Neburnawa Dragon / Naga Varuna, under Dewa Ruci are placed in a position Bhima Nemburnawa ridden by Dragon / Naga Varuna who is angry, because the Bhima insists enter the Southern Ocean. Bhima, in the position of the horses that stable standing upright with sturdy as he reveals the dragon’s mouth, under the Bhima (nearly parallel) placed the figure of Nemburnawa Dragon / Naga Varuna in an effort to paralyze the Bhima, Bhima wrapped around the entire body as he could spout deadly and the lowest figure placed water waves (ocean waves) with a fountain depicting the noisy atmosphere of the southern ocean during a fight broke out between the Bhima with Nemburnawa Dragon / Naga Varuna.

Structural appearance of the statue of Dewa Ruci reveal aspects of beauty from all points of view based on solidarity and unity between one character with another character in shaping the aesthetic unity of meaning and unity of the statue. Unity of meaning is how the fabric of the story concepts contained in the aesthetics of this sculpture is not only consider the philosophical aspects but also aspects of ethics, so that the structure of the statue of the Dewa Ruci, showing the regularity of a philosophical, ethical and aesthetic.

Dewa Ruci Statue Bali

Dewa Ruci Statue
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